VDL’s online platform OrderOn.com set to expand
Photo caption: the VDL HMI 3D tube laser cutter, which cuts metal tubes and pipes, will be connected to OrderOn.com.

VDL’s online platform OrderOn.com set to expand

29 april 2024

The OrderOn.com online platform is set to expand. Sister companies VDL HMI and VDL Industrial Modules are joining VDL Groep’s digital metalworking platform. The platform will also be expanded to include new processing services and materials. All these developments will strengthen OrderOn.com’s position as the platform where high-quality metalworking services come together online. VDL Groep launched OrderOn.com in 2022, via its supply company VDL Technics in Boxtel.

A wider choice of metalworking services

OrderOn.com makes it easy for customers to outsource the laser cutting and edging of metal. The online platform has the reputation of being the most user-friendly platform in the market. VDL HMI, in Helmond, a specialist in the metalworking industry, will now add its expertise on pipe laser cutting to the OrderOn.com portfolio. This will make it possible for customers to order not just sheet-metal work in the online configurator but also metal pipes and tubes. The partnership will give customers access to a wider choice of high-quality metalworking services: the laser cutting of sheet-metal parts and pipes and edging, engraving and edge-rounding metalworking processes. This will enable customers to order metal products in the exact size, shape and finish they want.

Photo caption: VDL Industrial Modules laser cutting machine, used to cut sheet metal.

More materials on OrderOn.com

Once the integration with VDL HMI is complete, VDL Industrial Modules will join the platform too. This specialist in module construction and mechatronic mechanical engineering will expand the range of materials available on the platform even more. OrderOn.com customers will profit from specialist stainless-steel and aluminium solutions, which means that more types of metal precision can be laser cut and edged. Stainless steel 316 is just one of the materials due to be added.

Ongoing growth and improvement

Bart van der Staak, Project Leader at OrderOn.com, about the new developments: “We are very excited about VDL HMI and VDL Industrial Modules joining our platform. They will strengthen our ability to offer customers a wider range of high-quality and diverse metalworking services.”

The partnership with VDL HMI and VDL Industrial Modules underscores OrderOn.com’s aim to achieve ongoing growth and improvement. Customers will profit from a more extensive range of high-quality metalworking solutions and materials, supported by the combined expertise of VDL Technics, VDL HMI and VDL Industrial Modules.