About us

VDL Smart Spaces is one of the youngest additions to the VDL family. Our brand-new organization, formerly known as VDL Bus Heerenveen, is currently undergoing an ambitious transformation process.

Building for the future

After a year of preparatory work, we began a complete transformation of our operations starting from early 2022: a transition from producing buses to assembling construction modules for a Dutch construction company. In this way, we contribute to the immense shortage of affordable housing in the Netherlands in a socially responsible manner. We bring together the construction industry and modern production techniques. The motto of 'strength through collaboration' remains at the forefront.

Our ambition

At VDL Smart Spaces, it is our ambition to create high-quality products while taking responsibility for safety and the environment. We are determined to uphold and continuously improve this policy.

Years of experience
9700 m2
Production surface