VDL Groep

VDL Group, headquartered in Eindhoven, is an international industrial company specializing in the development, production, and sale of semi-finished products, buses, other end products, and the assembly of passenger cars. In total, 106 subsidiaries, spread across 20 countries and employing over 16,000 employees, are part of this family business.

From its headquarters in Eindhoven, VDL Group guides its subsidiaries, which operate independently and are accountable for their own results. This unique structure of small companies ensures that, together, they form a strong team, each contributing from their own specialties. This team provides continuity and flexibility.

Strength through collaboration

Strength through collaboration. That is the foundation of VDL Group, the international industrial family business. Founded in 1953, now 70 years later, since 2017, the third generation of the Van Der Leegte family has been at the helm. The over 100 subsidiaries, each with its own specialization, work closely together. The activities of these companies can be summarized in the 'five worlds of VDL': Science, Technology & Health, Mobility, Energy & Sustainability, Infratech, and Foodtech. Curious about all the activities of VDL Group? Watch the corporate film of VDL Group below.