Privacy Policy of VDL Smart Spaces


VDL Smart Spaces welcomes you to this website and appreciates your interest in our company and products and services. VDL Smart Spaces places great value on your privacy. Therefore, we consider it important to inform you about how we handle your personal data. This privacy policy applies to all personal data that visitors to the VDL Smart Spaces website provide. For the sake of transparency, we have described in this privacy policy what we do with this data.

Types of Personal Data

The personal data processed by VDL Smart Spaces through the website often concern your contact details, such as a name and email address, a search query you enter, or a question you ask in the contact form. Additionally, through the "Vacancies, Working at VDL, Internships & Education, and Contact" functions, you can search for job openings, and these search queries can also be stored and linked to, for example, your IP address, as well as the information a website visitor uploads or fills in on the website. Of course, we also process uploaded resumes and cover letters.

Furthermore, automatic information about you as a visitor to this website, such as your IP address and click behavior, may be stored. This information is often collected directly through your visit using cookies. For more information, please refer to the cookie statement.

We would like to point out that even if you visit the website as a business customer, we consider this data as (indirect) personal data and thus safeguard your privacy.

Purpose of Processing Personal Data

The data you provide to VDL Smart Spaces through the website is processed by us for general business purposes, such as providing information about certain products and services. With the stored personal data, we can contact you.

Your data may also be used for sending digital newsletters, provided you have given your explicit consent. We consider this form of contact as VDL's legitimate interest.

Additionally, the website also serves as a job application channel, and job vacancies are displayed on the website. These processing activities are also considered VDL's legitimate interest, as well as necessary for the execution (preparation) of an employment contract.


Processing activities include, at a minimum, the transmission of personal data within VDL Smart Spaces. This website serves as a central point, and personal data is forwarded to the relevant entity that wishes to contact you as a business customer or job applicant. Of course, this personal data is only shared if there is a necessary reason to do so and only with recipients for whom the personal data is relevant. It is possible that your data is shared with foreign VDL entities.

In the event VDL believes that you are using the website unlawfully, this may be a reason to disclose your personal data to a (legal) third party.

Our website features buttons in various places that provide access to social media channels. If you use these social media buttons, the privacy statement of the respective social media platform applies, and they will further store your personal data. VDL has no control over, and does not take responsibility for, the use of social media buttons on the VDL website.

Retention Period

VDL Smart Spaces does not retain your data longer than strictly necessary. For the purposes described above, a retention period of 6 months is reasonable. Additionally, VDL may retain anonymized data for statistical and research purposes. Regarding personal data received in the context of an application or its preparation, VDL will not retain this information longer than 4 weeks after the relevant application process has closed. If VDL has requested and obtained your consent, VDL may retain this application data for a maximum of two years.

Your Rights

Because we process your personal data, you have the right to:

  • Submit a request for access to your personal data.
  • Submit a request to correct or delete certain data if the personal data is irrelevant or incorrect.
  • Submit a request to restrict or object to the processing of personal data.
    Submit a request for data portability.
  • Withdraw your consent.

If you wish to exercise (one of) these rights, you can contact us at For all requests and your rights, VDL will consider the relevant interests and endeavor to fulfill your request as much as possible. If, for any reason, you wish to withdraw your consent, we are obliged to comply.

All personal data you provide on this website is voluntarily provided. However, it goes without saying that we are unable to contact you, provide information, or conduct a job application process if we do not have the correct personal data.

Changes and Privacy Notifications

If you have any questions or comments about our processing of your personal data, we request you to contact us via We will do our utmost to assist you. If you wish to respond to this privacy policy or if you believe that VDL Smart Spaces does not act in accordance with this privacy policy, we ask you to contact VDL Smart Spaces via If we cannot reach a resolution, you always have the option to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

This privacy policy was last updated on May 25, 2018, and applies to VDL Smart Spaces. If VDL chooses to modify this privacy policy, we will announce it on this page.


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